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How Much Does Auronplay Make? A Look At The Life Of The Twitch Streamer

Auronplay Net Worth 2024: $1.72 Million

By 2024, AuronPlay—who gained popularity from his entertaining videos on Twitch and YouTube—should have a net worth of about $1.72 million US dollars, according to Net Worth Spot’s calculations. He makes money from streaming, sponsorships, item sales, and other sources of income in the digital entertainment sector, which adds to his overall price. Although AuronPlay’s precise net worth is unknown, this approximation offers important context for understanding his impact in the online community as well as his financial success. His popularity and large following as a content provider have greatly benefited from his capacity to monetarily monetize his work, which has improved his financial position. With his consistently engaged and growing following through inventive and amusing material, this assessment highlights his role as a significant character in the digital content creation scene and demonstrates his continued success.


AuronPlay, born Raúl Álvarez Genes in Spain on May 5, 1988, started his digital career pretty early. In 2006, at the age of eighteen, he launched his YouTube account because he was passionate about making videos. This crucial choice signaled the beginning of what would become an incredible career in content development. AuronPlay rose to prominence in Spain’s digital influencer industry as his channel grew popularity over time due to his distinct combination of humor, gaming knowledge, and affable demeanor that connected with viewers. His quick ascent to fame was facilitated by his ability to engage viewers with a wide variety of content, from funny commentary on hot topics to gameplay videos. As one of the most well-known influencers in Spain today, AuronPlay has a sizable fan base on numerous media. He has successfully used his internet presence to build a sizable net worth, so his success goes beyond just being well-known. This monetary accomplishment highlights his business savvy as well as his long-lasting influence on Spain’s and other countries’ digital entertainment scenes. The story of AuronPlay is a prime example of the transforming potential of digital media; it shows how people can use imagination, commitment, and audience involvement to create successful professions in the quickly changing field of online content development. AuronPlay is still a major player in the world of entertainment and innovation, setting trends and motivating up-and-coming content creators everywhere he goes.


The success of AuronPlay’s career is evidence of his versatility, originality, and natural ability to engage people in digital media. When AuronPlay first launched his YouTube channel in 2006, he experimented with a variety of content types, such as comic sketches and gaming videos. His early work established the groundwork for a diversified career characterized by creativity and audience interaction. AuronPlay refined his content strategy over time, concentrating on a blend of funny criticisms of internet trends, reaction videos, and gameplay analysis. His unique brand of humor and razor-sharp wit won him a devoted fan base and catapulted him to stardom in the Spanish-speaking YouTube community. With a rapidly growing number of subscribers, AuronPlay’s reach grew not only on YouTube but also on other platforms like Twitch, where he streamed live content and engaged with his viewers more personally. AuronPlay’s continuous success has been largely attributed to his capacity to adapt to shifting digital trends and environments. He skillfully adjusted to changing platform preferences and habits of content consumption, continuously producing material that connects with his audience. In addition to increasing his awareness, his strategic partnerships with businesses and involvement in sponsored initiatives have cemented his status as a reliable influencer in the field of digital marketing. AuronPlay has branched out beyond his online identity into entrepreneurship, using his brand to introduce clothing lines and look into other business ventures. In addition to his creative pursuits, his business sense and entrepreneurial zeal further solidify his reputation as a versatile content creator and entrepreneur. As he keeps coming up with new ideas and growing his online presence, AuronPlay’s professional journey is an example for aspiring producers trying to make their own way in the cutthroat world of digital content. His story serves as a testament to the revolutionary power of digital media, showing how tenacity, enthusiasm, and a thorough grasp of audience dynamics can result in long-term success in the digital era.


Sara Moledo, a fellow Spanish streamer also known by the aliases Bjean and Biyín, has been romantically involved with Raúl Álvarez Genes, also known as AuronPlay, since 2013. They have a passion for gaming, streaming, and creating digital material, which has allowed their relationship to not just survive but flourish in the public view. Like AuronPlay, Sara Moledo has established herself in the streaming scene by being known for her captivating broadcasts and endearing on-screen persona. In addition to strengthening their relationship personally, the couple’s shared passion for online gaming and entertainment has opened them new professional and collaborative prospects. Their partnership is a reflection of their strong bond, which is based on their shared experiences and passions in the ever-changing realm of digital media. AuronPlay and Sara Moledo are role models for their fans, showing how love, passions, and respect can flourish in the face of the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet era as they continue to manage their professional and personal lives together.


AuronPlay, born Raúl Álvarez Genes in Spain on May 5, 1988, started his digital career pretty early. In 2006, at the age of eighteen, he launched his YouTube account because he was passionate about making videos. This crucial choice signaled the beginning of what would become an incredible career in content development.

How Much Does Auronplay Make?

Raúl Genes, better known online as Auronplay, is a well-known content maker on Twitch and YouTube. His vast following across platforms, totaling over 15 million subscribers and followers, has cemented his place in the world of digital entertainment. Auronplay, who is well-known for his affable demeanor and adaptable material, mainly streams well-known games like Just Chatting, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fall Guys. His humor and skill at the controls captivate viewers. Beyond just being well-known, Auronplay is the second most-followed Twitch streamer, which speaks volumes about his devoted following and broad appeal. him addition to being entertaining, his content earns a sizable income; according to reports, his streaming operations alone bring him about $204,000 a month. This financial success demonstrates his impact and ability to use his internet presence to build a long-term career in the creation of digital content. Auronplay is still a major player in the rapidly changing world of internet entertainment, influencing trends and establishing standards for aspiring content producers everywhere as he innovates and entertains.

Does Twitch Pay You?

Potential revenue on Twitch varies greatly based on viewership, subscriber count, sponsorships, contributions, and other things. When a streamer starts making money, Twitch makes it easy for them to get paid every 15 days via PayPal or direct deposit. Payments are normally made whenever the account balance reaches $50 or more. Before a payout can be started for customers who would rather pay by wire transfer, a minimum balance of $100 is needed. With this framework, streamers may effectively manage their income streams and satisfy different financial needs and preferences. It also demonstrates Twitch’s dedication to helping content creators by providing consistent and prompt payouts, allowing them to concentrate on providing interesting content to their viewers rather than worrying about money matters. As streamers develop devoted followings and increase their channels, these payment systems become essential to maintaining and growing their online presence.

Where Does Auronplay Live?

Unexpectedly, AuronPlay and Sara Moledo disclosed their breakup during a live Twitch stream in February 2021. This momentous occasion struck a chord with their supporters and admirers. The information created a lot of buzz in the streaming world and fueled conjecture because their relationship had been a prominent feature of their public personas. Nevertheless, AuronPlay and Sara Moledo thrilled their fans a few months later in June 2021 by announcing that they had made up and were back together. For their devoted fan base, who had followed their journey through its highs and lows, this development provided a surge of relief and happiness. Andorra, a country renowned for its attractive mountain scenery and advantageous tax laws, is currently home to AuronPlay. In addition to potentially representing new chances in both his personal and professional life, the relocation to Andorra demonstrates his dedication to privacy. AuronPlay’s narrative has captured audiences’ attention, highlighting the unpredictability of relationships and the tenacity of love in the face of fame and public scrutiny, as he makes a successful living in the digital entertainment sector and navigates the difficulties of public life.