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How Much Is Bernardo Silva Earning? A Look At The Profile Of The Football Player

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Bernardo Silva Net Worth 2024: $30 Million

Bernardo Silva’s wealth is estimated to be $30 million as of early 2024, mostly from his successful football career. He earns an astounding £7.80 million in gross salary per season as a Manchester City player, or £150,000 every week. The total estimated value of his career earnings—which he earned exclusively from football salaries between 2013 and the 2022–2023 season—is more than £46.83 million, demonstrating the success he has had financially as a result of his professional pursuits. Silva’s contract with Manchester City expires at the end of the 2024–2025 season, and he currently has two years left on it. This is a £15.6 million two-year contract.


Bernardo Silva was first exposed to football in Lisbon, Portugal, on August 10, 1994. The city is renowned for its football culture. His early years were influenced by a deep love of the game that was fostered by Lisbon’s vibrant football culture. Silva showed tenacity and natural skill from an early age, paving the way for an incredible adventure in the football world. Silva’s upbringing laid the groundwork for his morality and work ethic. Growing up in a loving home, his passion for football was not only accepted but also actively promoted. His aims and aspirations were greatly aided by his family.


Bernardo was selected as one of the midfielders for the FIFA The Best award, which was presented by FIFA on January 15, 2024, as the 2023 team of the year. The wealth of Bernardo Silva Bernardo Silva’s estimated net worth is $16.2 million, according to reports. Silva’s 2017 contract with the Blues is set to expire this summer after six years. All of this occurred while he was making US$57 million in Manchester. Earning $9.5 million a year, the Portuguese player was voted Manchester City’s best player in 2019. He has proven to be a successful transfer. Since FC Barcelona’s offer to purchase Bernardo Silva for the same amount was turned down during the summer transfer window, Manchester City asserts that Silva is worth more than $100 million.


The couple has been dating for a few years: Inês Tomaz and Portuguese player Bernardo Silva. After meeting in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, they have remained together. Their romantic journey began when the pair met in Portugal during the pandemic. At present, Inês and Silva share a Manchester apartment together, and in May of this year, they declared their engagement. Rings on their fingers, a symbol of their unwavering devotion, were posted by them. As avid travelers, Bernardo and Inês have been spotted on exotic vacations in a number of different nations.


Adidas and Nike are two well-known sports brands that Bernardo Silva has endorsement deals with. Sadly, little is known about his previous affiliations.


Born August 10, 1994, Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvalho e Silva, or simply Bernardo Silva, is a well-known professional football player from Portugal who plays for Manchester City in the Premier League as an offensive midfielder or right winger.


In 2017, Bernardo Silva signed a long-term contract that spanned an astonishing six years, pledging his future to Manchester City FC. This significant agreement, which is estimated by Sportrac to be worth an incredible £46,800,000, ensures Silva’s financial stability and demonstrates the club’s faith in his skills. Silva will receive an impressive £7,800,000 yearly salary as part of this agreement. With regard to 2023 in particular, Silva will make £7,800,000 in base pay in addition to a £7,800,000 cap hit. Silva will be a vital member of the team in the years to come, as these statistics demonstrate the substantial investment Manchester City has made in his talent.