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How Much Is Rodri Paid A Week? A Look At The Profile Of The Football Player

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Rodri Net Worth 2024: €15 Million

At the Etihad Stadium, Rodri, whose current net worth is estimated to be €15 million, is currently bound to Manchester City. His long-term dedication to the team and important position are reflected in his contract, which is set to expire in the summer of 2027. Rodri is a vital midfield player who is well-known for both his technical skill and tactical acumen. He is still an invaluable addition to Manchester City as they strive for both domestic and European success. The club’s faith in his ability and his role in their long-term strategic goals are demonstrated by his contract extension.


Born in Madrid, Spain, on June 22, 1996, Rodri’s full name is Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante. He entered the youth system of Atletico Madrid, one of the most prominent teams in Spain, at an early age after demonstrating great promise in football. Dedication and a sharp footballing brain were hallmarks of his progression through Atletico’s levels, characteristics that would later come to define his playing style. Rodri made his Atletico Madrid professional debut in the 2015–2016 campaign, displaying his skill as a calm and technically proficient midfield player. Legendary Spanish midfielders, renowned for their skill in both offensive and defensive responsibilities, were compared to him and his style of play. The 2018–2019 campaign saw his breakthrough, as he established himself as a key member of Atletico’s midfield and made an impression with his passing range, vision, and game reading skills. Rodri was considered a vital addition to the Manchester City team by manager Pep Guardiola in July 2019. At the time, he was the club’s record signing after they activated his release clause. With his easy transition to Premier League standards, Rodri established himself as a key component of City’s midfield formation. One of the league’s best midfielders, he rapidly made a name for himself with his ability to start plays from deep, stop rival advances, and set the pace of the game. Rodri made his senior debut in 2018 and has competed for Spain at several youth levels internationally. His selection in Spain’s squad for important competitions is a testament to his importance as a star player in both club and international football. Rodri is renowned off the field for his modesty and commitment to lifelong learning. His rise from the youth ranks of Atletico Madrid to the top of the European football midfield ranks is testament to his unwavering work ethic and love for the game. Rodri, who embodies the modern midfielder with his blend of technical excellence, tactical awareness, and physical power, continues to grow and improve and is still a key player in Manchester City’s quest of domestic and European glory.

Manchester City Career

Rodri made a big move to Manchester City during the 2019–20 season. On July 3, 2019, the club fulfilled his £62.6 million release clause, enabling him to purchase the balance of his Atlético Madrid contract. Rodri agreed to a five-year contract, and Manchester City paid a record-breaking amount for this transfer. August 4 at Wembley Stadium marked his Manchester City debut in the 2019 FA Community Shield. He participated in the full 90 minutes of play as City overcame Liverpool on penalties following a 1-1 draw. Six days later, Rodri made his Premier League debut as well, helping the team to a 5-0 victory away from home against West Ham United. He netted his first goal for Manchester City in a 3-2 away loss to Norwich City on September 14. Nevertheless, Rodri suffered a setback in October 2019 when it was revealed that a hamstring injury would keep him out of action for a month. Despite this, he was essential to City’s victory, especially in the EFL Cup final that took place at Wembley Stadium on March 1, 2020. Rodri’s corner kick proved to be the game-winning goal as City defeated Aston Villa 2-1 to win the EFL Cup for the third time in a row. Rodri wears a number 16 jersey.

Atlético Madrid Career

On May 24, 2018, Rodri took a big decision in his football career by joining Atlético Madrid again. After the club and Villarreal came to an agreement over his move, Rodri signed a lucrative five-year contract to join Real Madrid. A sum of about €20 million was paid for the transfer, plus an extra €5 million in variable costs. On August 15, 2018, he made his Atletico Madrid debut at the 2018 UEFA Super Cup, which was hosted in Tallinn. He was involved for the opening 71 minutes of this exciting match, which saw Atlético Madrid defeat Real Madrid 4–2 in extra time. He was a major contributor to the victory.

International Career

With Spain’s youth teams, Rodri made his debut for his country’s national team and demonstrated his skill and ability as a midfield player. As he rose through the ranks, he played for Spain at the U19 and U21 levels, earning praise and acclaim for his accomplishments. September 11, 2018, saw him play against Croatia in the UEFA Nations League for the first time as a senior international. Since then, Rodri has established himself as a constant member of the Spanish national team lineup. He is a dependable presence in midfield for La Roja because of his ability to manage the game’s speed, distribute the ball well, and offer defensive stability. A stop on Rodri’s global tour was the UEFA Euro 2020, when Spain advanced to the semifinals. His tournament performances demonstrated how mature he is and how crucial he is to the team’s strategy under many managers. A vital member of Spain’s midfield, Rodri embodies the technical prowess and tactical acumen needed to compete at the top level of international football. He keeps improving and honing his skills both at the club and international levels.


Details concerning his parents and siblings are kept confidential by Rodri, who adopts a quiet demeanor when discussing them. His mother and father are among the members of his family who are still mostly unknown. The public is also not privy to certain personal information regarding Rodri’s siblings. As for his private life, Rodri is currently seeing a woman by the name of Laura, who he calls his wife. While it’s unknown exactly when their relationship turned romantic, their relationship goes back to their time as Spanish university students. Since Rodri and Laura don’t currently have any information showing that they are parents, it is well known that the Manchester City player protects his privacy.


Currently, Rodri and Laura (also known as Rodri’s wife) are a couple. Although it’s unclear exactly when their relationship turned romantic, they have been connected since their days as Spanish university students. As of right now, there is no information suggesting that Rodri and Laura are parents to children. The Manchester City player is renowned for protecting his private life.


Rodri is a tall defensive midfielder who stands 1.91 meters (6 feet 2 inches) tall, which gives him a major advantage. Because of his size, he can win aerial duels and is a dangerous player in set-piece attacking and defensive scenarios. The way that Rodri uses his height to his advantage for accurate headers and vital clearances improves both his team’s offensive threat and defensive stability. He can cover ground quickly and intercept passes because to his physical features, which also enhance his efficiency in short bursts of speed. In addition to his technical proficiency and tactical awareness, Rodri’s stature serves to further emphasize his essential function as a flexible and influential football player.


Born on June 22, 1996, in Madrid, Spain, Rodri’s full name is Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante. He entered the Atletico Madrid youth system, one of the most prominent teams in Spain, at an early age due to his remarkable football potential. Commitment and a sharp footballing mind were hallmarks of his progression through Atletico’s levels, characteristics that would define his playing style going forward. Rodri proved he was a calm and technically proficient midfield player when he made his professional debut for Atletico Madrid in the 2015–2016 campaign. Due to his versatility in both defensive and offensive duties, his playing style was compared to that of the great Spanish midfielders. In the 2018–19 campaign, he had a significant impact for Atletico Madrid as a pivot in the midfield, showcasing his vision, passing range, and game reading skills. Rodri was deemed an essential addition to Manchester City’s squad in July 2019 by manager Pep Guardiola.


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What Is The Market Value Of Rodri?

In the current transfer market, Rodri is valued between €69.6 million and €116 million. He moved from Atlético Madrid to Manchester City in 2019, which was a big deal. In order to get Rodri, Manchester City had to pay Atlético Madrid €70 million, underscoring the player’s increasing importance and worth in the football community. Rodri has become a vital member of Manchester City’s midfield since joining the team. He is renowned for his poise when handling the ball, tactical awareness, and ability to control play. In addition to justifying his hefty transfer fee, his outstanding performances have cemented him as a key component of Manchester City’s midfield plan going forward.

How Much Did City Buy Rodri?

Rodri left Atlético Madrid on July 3, 2019, after Manchester City activated his release clause, which was worth an incredible £62.6 million. This historic deal demonstrated Manchester City’s resolve to acquire Rodri’s skills and set a new milestone for the team. With a five-year deal signed when he first arrived, Rodri announced his intention to make a major contribution to Manchester City’s success as well as the club’s long-term investment in his skills. A leading midfielder in Europe noted for his outstanding passing range, defensive prowess, and calm under pressure, Rodri’s rising stardom was brought to light by this high-profile move. Cementing his position as a key member of Manchester City’s squad for years to come, Rodri is the center of attention for the team as they strive for both domestic and European championships.

What Does Rodri Have A Degree In?

Rodri studied business administration and management at university for four years. This academic adventure not only extended his horizons outside of football, but it also taught him essential leadership, strategy, and organizational behavior skills. It was during this period that he met Laura, his future long-term girlfriend, who was pursuing her medical studies. Their shared university experience built a strong friendship based on mutual support and understanding, creating the groundwork for a long-term partnership away from the football pitch.

Why Does Rodri Have No Social Media?

“Actually, I was there when these networks first started to emerge. I made the decision early on that I would follow my own path and live my life as I saw fit. Rodri thought, ‘I don’t want to be influenced by anyone else. His social media position is unambiguous: he favors honesty above conformity. He noted, “People often do what is expected of them on social networks,” underscoring his dedication to upholding his independence and morality both on and off the player. This strategy highlights Rodri’s resolve to remain authentic in the face of pressure from the media and the general public.