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How Much Is Tarik Worth? A Look At The Profile Of The Twitch Streamer

Tarik Net Worth 2024: $2 Million

Tarik’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is an impressive $2 million USD, as per StreamerFacts. This sum is the result of his earnings from a variety of sources, with Twitch and YouTube being the most prominent, where he applies his gaming expertise to attract a large global audience. In addition, his financial success has been substantially influenced by his previous earnings from a successful career in esports, which included numerous tournament victories and sponsorships.


Online streamer Tarik Celik, better known by his handle Tarik, has made a name for himself in the industry. His entry into the gaming world began on February 18, 1996, and he has made significant progress, especially in tactical shooters like VALORANT and CS: GO. Tarik gained recognition for his strategic thinking and deft gameplay abilities when he first started playing CS: GO competitively. He competed at the greatest levels during his career as a professional player, representing elite teams and taking home awards in important international competitions. But Tarik’s career took a different turn when he went from being a successful streamer to a retired professional in CS:GO, shifting his emphasis from competitive play to interacting with his audience in real time. Tarik’s versatility and continuing love of gaming are evident in his success as a livestream. A devoted fan base is lured to his feeds by his amusing commentary, perceptive gameplay, and hands-on interaction with viewers. Tarik maintains a lively personality that appeals to both longtime gamers and novices to the gaming community, whether he is engaging in intensive tactical warfare in VALORANT or going back to his origins in CS: GO. In addition to his skill at games, Tarik’s story serves as an example of how esports and streaming are changing, providing opportunities for former pros like him to engage with fans and influence the gaming community. His switch highlights his prowess in the game as well as his capacity to foster a thriving online community, positioning him as a key player in determining the direction that online gaming and streaming entertainment will go.


Tarik’s incredible career began with early devotion and calculated actions that paved the way for his success in esports. His middle school years marked the start of his serious esports career, as he participated in CAL leagues and showed an early aptitude and dedication to competitive gaming. It was at this early stage that he began to establish himself in the Counter-Strike community. Tarik distinguished himself further during his time in high school by starting the FragShack, a network of well-liked CSGO deathmatch servers. Tarik’s status as an informed and significant member in the gaming community was cemented when these servers rapidly acquired popularity and developed into essential gathering places for gamers looking for intensive gameplay experiences. Concurrently, Tarik started streaming on Twitch under the username NoShirtTV, using the medium to interact with a growing community of gamers and display his gameplay prowess. His success as a content maker and streamer later on was made possible by this early journey into streaming. When Tarik joined Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) in 2015, he made his professional esports debut. His time with CLG was a pivotal moment in his career since it brought him into the world scene, where he competed for Team USA in world championships and displayed his skills to a large audience. Tarik’s global reach grew even more in 2016 as he competed for Optic Gaming and represented Team Turkey at the world championships. He had remarkable success there, including a historic win at the ELEAGUE in Atlanta, Georgia. This time highlighted his adaptability and capacity to perform well in situations where there is a lot on the line. But Tarik’s greatest accomplishment was winning the Boston ELEAGUE Major in 2018 while competing for Cloud9. This victory, which was warmly received by the esports community, was not only a reflection of his talent but also financially rewarding because the Major had a prize fund of $1 million. Tarik accumulated an astounding $250,750 in prize money in that one year alone, solidifying his place among the most paid and most well-liked players in the professional esports scene. Tarik’s journey from a committed teenage player in CAL leagues to a renowned champion and well-known streamer is a shining example of tenacity, talent, and a deep love for video games. His accomplishments serve as an inspiration to a new generation of gamers and esports fans, demonstrating that greatness is still possible in the rapidly changing competitive gaming scene.


Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Tarik’s adventure in the gaming world started in his early years. In middle school, he had a strong interest in gaming and soon became involved in leagues where players compete, such the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL). The groundwork for an eventual successful esports career was set by this early exposure. Tarik started a network of CSGO deathmatch servers known as the FragShack during his high school years because of his enterprising nature and extensive involvement in the Counter-Strike community. Players quickly took a liking to these servers, and they became the preferred choice for enthusiasts who wanted to practice in competitive, quick-paced games. In addition to offering a useful service to the community, the FragShack’s success greatly enhanced Tarik’s standing as an informed and powerful person in the Counter-Strike scene. Tarik’s creative endeavor with the FragShack not only benefited the gaming community, but it also fostered relationships and brought him respect from both industry experts and other gamers. This early endeavor demonstrated his ability to spot and seize possibilities in the gaming business, setting the stage for his later successes as a professional player and well-known figure in esports.


Born on February 18, 1996, Tarik “tarik” Celik is a well-known figure in the esports world, praised for his accomplishments as a well-liked streamer and professional player. Turkish by birth, Tarik became well-known in the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) scene, winning praise for his skill and strategic acumen. His early involvement in leagues such as the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL) signaled the beginning of his esports career. Tarik’s outstanding gameplay skills allowed him to stand out right away, opening the door for a lucrative career in professional gaming. When Tarik joined respectable teams like Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Cloud9, his influence on the competitive CS:GO scene became even more noticeable. He demonstrated his abilities in a number of prestigious competitions and titles when he was employed by these firms, garnering recognition and helping his teams succeed internationally. In addition to his successes in professional gaming, Tarik developed a sizable fan base as a streamer and content producer on websites like Twitch. He spoke with fans via thought-provoking and amusing broadcasts under the aliases “tarik” and later “NoShirtTV,” discussing his gameplay experiences and having direct conversations with viewers. Tarik reached a professional high in 2018 when he and Cloud9 won the championship title at the Boston ELEAGUE Major, cementing his place in CS:GO history. His leadership abilities, competence, and adaptability all contributed to the team’s victory, which is still remembered as a remarkable high point in esports history. Even though Tarik has since stopped competing professionally, his influence on the gaming world is still felt. His impact as a streamer is still felt today since he shares his knowledge, amuses viewers, and stays in touch with esports fans all over the world. Tarik’s career is a shining example of his commitment, enthusiasm, and flexibility, highlighting his ongoing influence on the development of streaming entertainment and competitive gaming.

How Much Did Tarik Make In CS?

Tarik has earned a considerable income from his career in Counter-Strike (CS) Global Offensive, which is a testament to his proficiency and accomplishments in competitive gaming. In CS:GO, Tarik competed at the highest levels for renowned teams like Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses throughout his tenure. A detailed account of his earnings from CS is provided below: 1. **Prize Money from CS:GO Tournaments**: Tarik has acquired a substantial portion of his wealth through prize money from a variety of CS:GO tournaments. Among these are significant events such as the ELEAGUE Major, DreamHack Masters, and ESL One, in which teams compete for substantial prize pools. The victories of his teams in these tournaments have made a significant contribution to his aggregate earnings. 2. **Salary and Contracts**: In addition to his professional career as a CS:GO player, Tarik received salaries from his contracts with organizations. The salaries of players at major esports organizations are competitive, reflecting their contributions to the team’s success and their abilities. His tenure with Cloud9, for instance, was distinguished by significant accomplishments and a robust presence in the North American CS:GO scene. 3. **Endorsements and Sponsorships**: In addition to his salaries and tournament winnings, Tarik presumably earned additional income through endorsements and sponsorships. Gaming peripherals, energy beverages, and other products that are targeted at the gaming community are frequently promoted by esports athletes in partnership with brands within the gaming industry. An appealing ambassador for such partnerships would have been Tarik, given his prominence and success in CS:GO. 4. **Content Creation and Streaming**: In addition to his expertise as a professional athlete, Tarik has also explored the realm of content creation and streaming on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. His income is further increased by the revenue opportunities provided by these platforms, which include subscriptions, donations, and advertisements. Ultimately, Tarik’s earnings in CS:GO are indicative of his capacity to capitalize on opportunities within the esports ecosystem, as well as his talent as a player. By 2024, his multifaceted approach to the gaming industry has been demonstrated by his substantial net worth, which has been achieved through his success as a content creator and in competition.

How Much Money Does Tarik Earn On Twitch?

With over 3 million followers and over 115 million views to date, the streamer has amassed a sizable following on the network. His average viewership on his streams is an incredible 24,000 every session, with occasionally reaching a peak viewership of 187,000. Streamers like as Tarik make money through various important routes when it comes to monetization: bits, subscriptions, ads, and donations. At the moment, Tarik has an estimated 5,000 subscribers. A consistent revenue stream is produced by each subscriber, who normally pays a minimum of $2.5 a month. The money generated by this subscription base alone is at least $12,500 per month, or $150,000 annually. With subscriber-only chat features, personalized emotes, and ad-free viewing, subscribers receive exclusive benefits from streamers that are a dependable source of money. Tarik’s revenues include primarily of subscriber revenue, with additional income coming from ad revenue, donations from his devoted fan following, and bits—virtual products that viewers can buy to support their favorite streamers during broadcasts. In the cutthroat world of online streaming, Tarik’s popularity and financial success are further highlighted by his ability to regularly attract a sizable audience through his game content and interactive streams.

Who Is Tarik?

“Tarik” While still in middle school, Celik started playing competitive esports online in leagues like CAL. He started a network of Counter-Strike deathmatch servers known as the FragShack when he reached high school age. These gained a lot of traction and significantly contributed to Tarik’s rise to prominence within the Counter-Strike community. At this point, Tarik’s audience started to understand him more clearly as a player. He gained notoriety for both his caustic sense of humor and his forceful, exciting playing style. He started streaming on Twitch under the username “NoShirtTV” as his career progressed. This enabled him to reach a larger number of admirers with his own approach. When Tarik used the “NetCodeGuides/mouseSpaz” to qualify for the MLG 2015 LAN event, it was another significant step forward for him. He played for the old CLG CS squad, and instead of having a proper gaming area, he looked more like a walk-in closet while eating cereal and streaming the quarterfinal. Tarik went on to win other prestigious awards, such as first place at the 2019 ESLO One New York. In 2018, he also won the Zotac Cup Masters and the ESL Pro League Season 8 North America.