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How Much Money Does Summit1g Make? A Look At The Life Of The Twitch Streamer

Summit1g Net Worth 2024: $12 Million

Jaryd Russell Lazar, better known by his handle Summit1g, is a titan of the Twitch streaming and competitive gaming scenes with an estimated net worth of $12 million. He made waves with his extraordinary abilities in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” rapidly acquiring attention and a devoted following. This was the beginning of his rise to fame in the competitive esports arena. Summit1g has amassed a sizable fan base by demonstrating his skill in a wide range of games since making the switch from professional gaming to full-time Twitch streaming. Titles such as “Escape from Tarkov,” which is well-known for its intense tactical gameplay; “Sea of Thieves,” where his high-seas adventures enthrall audiences; “Overwatch,” where he demonstrates strategic finesse and teamwork; “Foxhole,” a game that requires intricate logistics and coordination; and “Rust,” which is recognized for its survival challenges and community dynamics, are among his repertoire. A defining feature of Summit1g’s streaming career has been his captivating speedruns of “Max Payne 3,” which showcase his command of gameplay mechanics as well as his ability to captivate and amuse viewers with fast-paced action and deft gameplay choices. In addition to his accomplishments in gaming, Summit1g’s success is highlighted by his business sense, as he has used his Twitch platform to obtain large sponsorships, profitable collaborations, and a sizable subscriber base. These channels have made a major contribution to his impressive net worth, which reflects the profitability of professional streaming as well as his widespread popularity. Through his captivating personality, deft gameplay, and constant commitment to delighting his global audience, Summit1g continues to push boundaries in the gaming and streaming industries, remaining relevant and influential. The trajectory of his career from esports sensation to dominant force on Twitch is evidence of his versatility, inventiveness, and long-lasting influence on the online entertainment market.


Jaryd Russell Lazar, who was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 23, 1987, had an early love for video games. He delved into the realm of gaming, polishing his talents and trying out different titles, starting with the Xbox platform. Lazar’s passion in gaming grew, and finally he switched to PC gaming, which expanded his gaming horizons and prepared him for a future in streaming and esports. Lazar’s transition to PC gaming was crucial since it opened up new avenues for him to explore, like competitive and expanded gaming that wasn’t easily accessible on consoles. It also made it easier for him to get into the esports world, where his skill and commitment would quickly be seen. In addition to demonstrating his versatility, his journey from console gaming to PC game mastery equipped him for the chances and difficulties that awaited him in the quickly changing world of online gaming and content creation.


Summit1g, whose real name is Jaryd Russell Lazar, has over ten years of diverse experience in the gaming and streaming industries. He originally became well-known for his remarkable abilities in professional video games, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The beginning of Summit1g’s adventure was as a competitive professional CS:GO player, where he was recognized for his skill at games and strategic thinking. Following his switch from professional gaming, Summit1g turned to Twitch streaming and soon established a following. A sizable and devoted fan base was drawn to him due to his captivating demeanor and superb gaming in a variety of genres. One of the main reasons for Summit1g’s quick ascent to prominence on Twitch was his ability to amuse and engage his audience. The adaptability of Summit1g has been a defining feature of his streaming career. From shooters like Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow Six Siege to survival games like Rust and variety titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Sea of Thieves, he streams a broad array of games. His popularity has lasted over the years in part because to this diversity of programming, which keeps his channel interesting and appealing to a wide audience. Because of his exclusive agreement with Twitch, which enables him to efficiently monetize his programming through donations, sponsorships, and subscriptions, Summit1g’s success on the platform is further reinforced. His knowledge of the streaming environment and commercial savvy have also inspired him to look into joint partnerships and other endeavors in the gaming sector. Summit1g is well-known for his honest conversations with fans and his down-to-earth manner, even outside of his streaming profession. He stays involved in the community, frequently taking part in gaming competitions and charitable activities that highlight his commitment to both gaming and having a beneficial impact. Ultimately, the career of Summit1g is a prime example of the revolutionary potential of streaming services such as Twitch, where gifted gamers can develop from top competitors into globally recognized entertainers. His continuous success shows the opportunities that are available to people who are willing to follow their passions in the digital age, inspiring both prospective broadcasters and gamers.


Lazar wed his longtime partner and fellow Twitch streamer Desirae in 2013. She was a frequent guest on his livestreams. They parted ways in the middle of 2015. Given that Lazar was well-known for being adamantly opposed to having children and that his wife desired a family, many fans surmised that the reason for their split was their differences over having children. When Desirae and her new partner welcomed twin daughters in 2018, this notion gained even more credence. Lazar later dated Lilchiipmunk, a Twitch streamer whose real name is Caroline. She is well-known for streaming the multiplayer online battle arena video game “League of Legends.” She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.


Jaryd Russell Lazar, who was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 23, 1987, had an early love for video games. He delved into the realm of gaming, polishing his talents and trying out different titles, starting with the Xbox platform. Lazar’s passion in gaming grew, and finally he switched to PC gaming, which expanded his gaming horizons and prepared him for a future in streaming and esports.


Jaryd Russell Lazar, better known as Summit1g, hasn’t disclosed many specifics about his official schooling to the public. Summit1g’s attention and enthusiasm for gaming probably played a big part in his formative years, just like it did for many others who discovered their calling in gaming and esports at a young age. It’s probable that Summit1g’s scholastic background did not follow a regular academic path or that it was disrupted by his developing career in competitive gaming given his early engagement in gaming and ultimate pursuit of a professional career in esports. A lot of professional gamers choose different educational routes or prioritize learning how to play video games in their early years. Unfortunately, not much is known about Summit1g’s academic background outside of gaming, since his public persona mostly focuses on his accomplishments in streaming and competitions. Summit1g’s success as a Twitch streamer and influencer, while not having a formal education, highlights the variety of routes people can take to become well-known and successful in the digital era, especially in the gaming and online entertainment sectors.

Did Summit1g Retire?

Lazar made the shift from competitive esports to becoming a well-known Twitch streamer after retiring. With his captivating gameplay and commentary, he draws in a huge audience across a wide range of well-known video games, such as CS:GO and WarZ, as well as a varied selection like Escape from Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V, Sea of Thieves, Overwatch, DayZ, iRacing, Foxhole, Hearthstone, and Rust.

How Much Money Does Summit1g Make?

The revenues on Twitch can occasionally reach remarkable heights, making it a major platform for content creators. As the second-highest paid Twitch streamer, Summit1g was supposedly paid up to $362,987, according to a 2021 Twitch payout leak that surfaced. With over 22,000 active users, according to, Summit1g’s enormous subscriber base supports this substantial income. He may be able to take home more than 60% of the money made from Twitch subscriptions and other revenue sources because to his exclusive connection with the site. Summit1g’s distinguished standing in the Twitch streaming community is further reinforced by its strong viewership, devoted subscriber base, and platform exclusivity.

What Rank Is Summit1g On Twitch?

According to the most recent statistics, Summit1g routinely ranks among the most popular Twitch streams in terms of both subscriber and views. Although his precise ranking may change depending on daily viewing and other streamers’ actions, he usually occupies the upper echelons. The popularity of Summit1g is demonstrated not only by his interesting material in a variety of games, but also by his devoted following and his unique connection with Twitch. This role establishes him as a major player in the larger world of Twitch gaming and entertainment in addition to strengthening his influence inside the streaming community.