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Why Did Asmongold Change His Name To Zackrawrr? A Look At The Life Of The Twitch Streamer

Zackrawrr Net Worth 2024: $5 Million

With a $5 million net worth, Asmongold is an American Twitch streamer, YouTube celebrity, and content developer. Asmongold, also known as ZackRawrr, is well-known for his “World of Warcraft” gameplay. He has 1.4 million followers on Twitch under the “zackrawrr” channel and 3.5 million followers under the “Asmongold” channel. His videos have received over 1.7 billion views on multiple YouTube channels, with a combined subscriber base of over 2.7 million. In 2022, he received a Creator Award for his “ΐхmongоld TΏ̏V̏̏” YouTube channel, which had one million subscribers. A co-founder of One True King (OTK), a “influencer network and media company built by creators, for creators,” Asmongold also holds a share in Starforge Systems, a company that builds PCs. He co-hosted the YouTube series “OTK Clipped” in 2021.


On April 20, 1990, Asmongold—originally called Zachariah Hoyt—was born in Austin, Texas, where his lifelong passion with video games started to take shape. His early years saw the emergence of his passion with video games, which set the stage for his eventual immersion in the colorful digital worlds that would come to define his work. At sixteen, Asmongold’s gaming career took a dramatic turn when he was introduced to “World of Warcraft” by a close friend. His journey into one of the most recognizable massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) of all time began at this crucial juncture. Drawn in by its rich environment and intricate gameplay, Asmongold quickly accepted the trials and explorations that lay ahead in Azeroth. Asmongold’s enthusiasm and knowledge for gaming blossomed from these early experiences, catapulting him into a prominent position within the gaming community. His development from an inquisitive adolescent to a well-known content creator and businessman highlights not only his commitment to gaming but also his natural ability to engage and amuse audiences everywhere.


Zackrawrr, better known by his stage name Asmongold, has developed a diverse career encompassing community leadership, entrepreneurship, and content development in the gaming and streaming sectors. His adventure commenced with an intense ardor for video games, which was especially sparked upon discovering “World of Warcraft” when he was sixteen years old. This initial spark turned into a committed quest for community involvement and gaming excellence. Due to his captivating demeanor, extensive gaming knowledge, and capacity to both amuse and instruct his audience, Asmongold has become increasingly well-known. Millions of subscribers and watchers frequently tune in to his gameplay, conversations, and commentary on a wide range of gaming issues on sites such as Twitch and YouTube, where his content has amassed a significant following. In addition to producing material on his own, Asmongold is a co-founder of One True King (OTK), an Austin, Texas-based gaming and multimedia production company. OTK has swiftly grown into a center for elite creators, encouraging partnerships and creative endeavors that strike a deep chord with the gaming community. Asmongold’s position inside OTK demonstrates his vision and leadership in reshaping the gaming entertainment industry. Asmongold’s business endeavors also include co-owning Starforge Systems, a firm that specializes in high-end gaming computers. His business is a reflection of his dedication to improving the gaming experience by providing professional and enthusiast-grade hardware solutions. Over the course of his career, Asmongold has not only become a respected person in the gaming business, but he has also seen significant growth in viewership and engagement. His impact goes beyond gaming and streaming to include community development, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, making him a powerful force in the digital environment for years to come.


Asmongold’s dedication to personal development and academic success is emphasized by his educational heritage. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business from a prestigious business institution before beginning his legal studies. This fundamental education provided him with a thorough comprehension of economic concepts, management strategies, and business principles, thereby establishing a strong foundation for his future pursuits. The disciplined approach to learning that Asmongold employs and his aspiration to broaden his knowledge beyond the confines of gaming and content creation are exemplified by his pursuit of higher education. This academic journey not only enhanced his analytical abilities but also instilled in him a strong sense of professionalism and strategic thinking, which have unquestionably had a profound impact on his career trajectory. Asmongold has exhibited a distinctive capacity to connect academic theory with practical application by combining his passion for gaming and streaming with his educational background, thereby improving his efficacy as a community leader and content creator. His contributions to the gaming industry are consistently influenced by his intellectual curiosity and diverse skill set, which have earned him the respect of both his colleagues and followers.


Born in 1990, Zack, often known by his stage name Asmongold, is a well-known American personality in the digital entertainment industry. Asmongold, who is well-known for his skill as a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and content creator, has won praise from many people for his likable demeanor and insightful observations about the gaming industry. around the course of a ten-year career, Asmongold has enthralled viewers all around the world with his entertaining live streams on Twitch, where he interacts with viewers and displays his prowess in gameplay. At the same time, his YouTube channel acts as a central location for carefully produced content, which includes everything from funny commentary on hot subjects in the gaming community to in-depth game assessments. Beyond his own platforms, Asmongold has been instrumental in helping to co-found and guide One True King (OTK), an innovative gaming company with its headquarters located in Austin, Texas. By means of OTK, he has cultivated a cooperative atmosphere for other artists, driving inventive endeavors and community-based programs that strike a profound chord with gamers everywhere. Asmongold’s impact goes beyond his efforts to create digital material. He is also well-known for his business endeavors, including as his co-ownership of Starforge Systems, a firm committed to providing state-of-the-art gaming PCs that improve the gaming experience. Asmongold’s commitment to gaming, combined with his spirit of entrepreneurship and community-oriented attitude, has solidified his position as a prominent player in the digital entertainment industry during the course of his career. His continuous efforts have shaped and redefined the global norms for community involvement and the production of game content.


The gaming community showed a great deal of interest in Asmongold’s romantic relationship with Pink Sparkles, also known as Izzy. 2018 marked the start of their adventure together, and they freely shared intimate moments with their devoted fan base. Their bond, characterized by affection and common interests, struck a strong chord with viewers who followed their personal lives in addition to their game content. Nevertheless, the pair decided to part ways after about six months, which sparked rumors and inquisitiveness among fans over the grounds for their separation. Asmongold and Pink Sparkles made clear that they will continue to be cordial and concentrate on their individual careers even after their personal relationship ended. They also continued to show respect for one another and encourage one another. Their relationship’s public nature and their powerful positions in the gaming community highlighted the difficulties and demands they had to deal with while handling private things in the public eye. Asmongold’s audience was even more won over by his ability to navigate this time with grace and candor, which demonstrated his fortitude and commitment to upholding authenticity in both his personal and gaming lives.

Height & Weight

A lot of admirers are curious about Asmongold’s physical attributes. With a height of roughly 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of about 57 kilos, he has an athletic build that reflects his active lifestyle and passion for digital entertainment. In the gaming world, Asmongold’s medium brown hair adds to his unique and identifiable appearance by framing his face and balancing his dark brown skin tone. Even though Asmongold’s exact physique measurements are kept under wraps, his presence and mannerisms throughout his streams and public appearances have won over his devoted fan following. His physical characteristics, along with his gregarious demeanor and extensive gaming expertise, have cemented his place as a cherished figure in the world of digital entertainment.


Asmongold revealed his plan to quit streaming in order to take care of his sick mother in a touching letter to his community on October 27, 2021. This moving instance highlighted his commitment to his family during a trying period, in addition to his online persona. Just two days later, on October 29, 2021, Asmongold broke the devastating news of his mother’s passing on Twitter, shocking his fan base and inspiring a flood of sympathy and support. Understandably, Asmongold has not streamed on his primary account since his mother passed away, preferring to take time to grieve and work through his feelings. He has maintained community engagement despite the break from his main channel by regularly uploading video to his YouTube channel and streaming stuff on his second Twitch account, Zackrawrr. His perseverance and passion to his art and the relationships he has built over the years are reflected in his determination to keeping a connection with his audience. Asmongold’s admirers, who respect his fortitude and tenacity in the face of personal loss, have found great resonance in his candor and openness throughout this trying time. His steady presence in the gaming community, which demonstrates his undying enthusiasm for content creation and his unyielding dedication to honoring his mother’s memory, continues to act as an inspiration as he navigates this chapter in his life.

Why Did Asmongold Change His Name To Zackrawrr?

The increasing tension related to his main account led Asmongold to establish his second streaming channel, zackrawrr. In July 2022, he took the audacious decision to leave his initial Twitch channel after seeing the negative effects streaming was having on his health. His decision to start over with zackrawrr signified a major change in his streaming career. Zackrawrr has attracted a lot of attention since its launch and amassed a devoted following of 1.8 million users. The considerable 3.5 million followers he had gathered on his first channel pale in comparison to this new listener base. Asmongold’s move to zackrawrr is indicative of his desire for a more controllable streaming experience as well as his capacity to build a community of supporters in a more long-lasting way.

How Did Zackrawrr Make His Money?

Zackrawrr, also known as Asmongold, is a key co-founder and co-owner of One True King (OTK), a well-known streaming, gaming, and content creation company based in Austin, Texas. This organization has carved out a niche for itself by encouraging collaboration among top-tier creators and aficionados alike, setting new standards for community engagement and enjoyment. Aside from his contributions to OTK, Zackrawrr is a co-owner of Starforge Systems, a dynamic company that specializes in providing high-performance prebuilt gaming computers. This effort represents his profound enthusiasm for technology and gaming, with the goal of delivering top-tier hardware solutions customized to the demanding needs of gamers throughout the world. Zackrawrr’s roles at OTK and Starforge Systems allow him to continue to influence and create in the gaming and streaming industries, cementing his image as not only a content creator but also a visionary entrepreneur defining the future of digital entertainment and technology.

How Much Does Asmongold Earn?

Like we previously mentioned, Asmongold has a sizable following on YouTube, with almost 80 million views per month. With an anticipated monthly income of $160,000 to $200,000, this sizable viewership translates into considerable profits. In addition to his own content development, Asmongold is a founder member of the prestigious gaming group “One True King” (OTK). Through this association, he can access new revenue streams such as collaborations, sponsorships, and cooperative initiatives, in addition to increasing his influence within the virtual community. Asmongold is well-positioned to take advantage of his network and experience to ensure a stable and profitable future in the cutthroat world of digital entertainment, especially given his strategic responsibilities and commercial acumen within OTK.

Who Is Asmongold?

A very well-known and significant person in the gaming community is Asmongold, whose true name is Zack Rawrr. The American video blogger, internet personality, YouTuber, and online streamer was born on Friday, April 20, 1990, in North America. He has gained tremendous notoriety for his work. Asmongold has had a tremendous influence on the gaming industry over his wonderful career. His fascinating content and remarkable gaming skills have helped him to garner a devoted following. His vibrant personality, insightful commentary, and captivating gameplay keep thousands of Twitch fans entertained. With millions of views and many devoted subscribers, his YouTube channel provides a forum for him to share thought-provoking videos about gaming. It is his special combination of talent, commitment, and gaming love that has made Asmongold successful. Hardcore aficionados and casual gamers alike see him as a trusted and respected authority due to his proficiency in a wide range of game genres, especially massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). His audience finds resonance in his insightful explanations, clever tactics, and enjoyable gaming experiences.