About Pop Golden Awards:

The Pop Golden Awards is an international showcase honoring influential figures across pop industries worldwide. This vibrant event celebrates the diverse impact of pop culture, celebrating artists and icons whose creativity transcends borders and languages. It’s a recognition of the universal language of art, where talent and innovation shine on an international stage.

Pop Culture:

Pop culture is a powerful force in our society. It shapes our values, our tastes, and our understanding of the world around us. The people who create pop culture, from musicians and actors to writers and directors, play a vital role in our lives. They entertain us, they inform us, and they inspire us.

That’s why it’s important to celebrate pop culture figures with awards. Awards give these artists the recognition they deserve for their work. They also help to legitimize pop culture as a legitimate form of art and entertainment.

There are many different pop culture awards shows, each with its own unique focus. Some awards shows, like the Grammys and the Oscars, focus on the traditional arts of music and film. Others, like the BET Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards, celebrate more diverse forms of pop culture, including hip hop, R&B, and music videos.

No matter what their focus, pop culture awards shows all serve the same basic purpose: to celebrate the best of the best in pop culture. They give us a chance to look back on the year’s most memorable moments and to honor the artists who made them happen.

Be that as it may, many talents and hard workers in the entertainment industry around the world still go unrecognized due to some reason or the other, which is unfair, it is why we have decided to introduce the Pop Golden Awards which is meant to celebrate pop icons across different entertainment industries.


Here are some of the benefits of celebrating pop culture figures with awards:

  • It recognizes their hard work and achievements. Pop culture figures often work long hours and make many sacrifices to create their work. Awards shows are a way to acknowledge their hard work and to celebrate their achievements.
  • It inspires others to pursue their dreams. Seeing pop culture figures being recognized for their work can inspire others to pursue their own dreams of success in the arts.
  • It helps to legitimize pop culture as a form of art. Awards shows can help to legitimize pop culture as a form of art, on par with traditional forms of art such as music, literature, and film.
  • It helps to promote diversity in pop culture. Awards shows can help to promote diversity in pop culture by recognizing artists from different backgrounds and with different perspectives.

Different awards categories have been included to recognize several pop figures around the world, the 2023 theme is centered around music and films. The pop golden award winners will be decided by the votes of the general public, pop fans will be able to vote online for the artists deemed the most worthy for these honors. These fan votes are tallied and combined with the input of the Pop Golden Awards’ judging panel. This panel consists of music journalists, chart statisticians, radio DJs, and industry professionals. The artist or nominee with the highest composite score from public fan votes and the judge’s input will be declared the winner.

The Pop Golden Awards 2023 will be held in Los Angeles as a banquet with drinks and great music.


Special Honour Awards will be given out each year to legendary pop icons around the world, in music films, and more.

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