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Golden Chinese Actor Award (2023 Nominees)


The Golden Chinese Actor Award is an esteemed annual prize presented by the Pop Golden Awards organization to recognize the most acclaimed and internationally popular Chinese actor or actress each year. The award honors Chinese film and television stars who have gained widespread global recognition and admiration for their acting talents. Winners are selected based on a combination of fan votes from around the world, as well as assessments from the Pop Golden Awards’ panel of expert judges.

To be nominated and win, Chinese actors and actresses must demonstrate exceptional skills and performances that resonate with international audiences beyond mainland China. The award highlights those stars who have built significant cross-cultural followings and engagement worldwide through streaming, social media and fan interactions. By weighing both fan feedback and judge evaluations, the Golden Chinese Actor Award identifies the Chinese actors and actresses who have made the biggest impressions on a global scale each year. The honor serves to celebrate Chinese talent that has managed to transcend borders and language barriers to gain immense popularity internationally. It is granted to the Chinese star voted as giving the most compelling and impactful performances that impressed fans globally.


Jackson Yee 易烊千玺

Leo Wu 吴磊

Wang Ziqi 王子奇

Luo Yunxi 罗云熙

Zhao Lusi 赵露思

Xiao Zhan 肖战

Dylan Wang 王鹤棣

Zhao Jinmai 赵今麦

Dilraba Dilmurat 迪丽热巴

Yu Shuxin 虞书欣

Yang Zi 杨紫