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Golden K-pop Music Video Award (2023 Nominees)

The Golden K-Pop Music Video Award is an esteemed annual prize presented by the Pop Golden Awards to recognize the most outstanding and impactful K-pop music video released in the past 18 months.

To be nominated and win, the music video must demonstrate exceptional creativity, choreography, artist performance or acting, and cohesion between storyline and song. The nominated videos represent the pinnacle of artistic and production excellence in K-pop visuals and performance.

The winner is determined by a combination of evaluations from the Pop Golden Awards panel and fan voting. The judges assess each video for presentation, production, choreography, and entertainment value. Fan voting gauges mass viewer preferences.

The Golden K-Pop Music Video Award celebrates the genre’s most complete marriage of visuals and music that attained great resonance. It honors phenomenal K-pop performance and visual storytelling that succeeds in captivating worldwide audiences. The award cements the winning video’s place in K-pop history for making the biggest widespread impact through its creativity, execution, and cultural influence.



J-hope – Arson


Stray Kids – S-Class

BIBI – Animal Farm

CIX – Save me, Kill me

Jin – The Astronaut

Seventeen – Super

Jimin – Set Me Free Pt.2