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Golden Latin Song Of The Year Award (2023 Nominees)

The Golden Latin Song of the Year Award is an esteemed annual honor bestowed by the Pop Golden Awards to recognize the most outstanding and globally impactful Latin pop music single released in the past 18 months.

To be nominated and win, the song must have achieved international popularity and acclaim for its superior craftsmanship in songwriting, production, vocals, and overall artistry. The nominated songs represent the pinnacle of creative excellence in Latin pop that resonated on a worldwide scale.

The winner is determined by a combination of the Pop Golden Awards’ panel of Latin music experts and public fan voting. The judges evaluate each song for musicality, songwriting brilliance, commercial success, and global influence. Fan voting gauges mass listener preferences. Together they select the definitive Latin pop anthem of the year.

The Golden Latin Song of the Year Award celebrates the most memorable and culture-impacting Latin pop single that captured the world’s attention. It honors phenomenal Latin pop artistry distilled into one track that succeeded in entertaining both Latin and global audiences. The award cements the winning song’s place in Latin pop history as the genre’s crowning achievement of the year based on outstanding critical repute and mass commercial popularity internationally.



Myke Towers – Lala

Bad Bunny – Tití Me Preguntó

Feid, Young Miko – Classy 101

Shakira – Out of Your League

Emilia – cuatro veinte

KAROL G, Shakira – TQG

Yuridia, Angela Aguilar – Qué Agonía

Grupo Frontera x Bad Bunny – UN X100TO

ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro – BESO