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Golden Rap Performance Award (2023 Nominees)

The Best Rap Performance Award is an esteemed honor presented annually by the Pop Golden Awards to celebrate the most outstanding display of rap skills and artistry demonstrated in a solo rap verse over the past year.

The award recognizes individual rap artists for their brilliance in lyrical wordplay, vocal delivery, rhyme schemes, rhythmic flow, and commanding persona exhibited in either a solo song or featured guest verse on another artist’s track. The prize spotlights rappers based solely on their elite-level rap performance rather than factors like production or popularity.

Nominees are selected based on critical praise for their highlight verses that represent the pinnacle of creative writing, vocal versatility, technical finesse, and impactful presence on the mic. The winner is primarily determined by the expert judging of the Pop Golden Awards’ hip hop authorities. However, fan voting also contributes to underscore mass appreciation for the shortlisted verses.

By honoring remarkable solo rap excellence unveiled in a single verse each year, the Best Rap Performance Award upholds creative artistry and technical mastery in hip hop’s most fundamental and foundational mode of expression – the rap verse. It cements the winner’s status as the rapper with the most skillful, sharpest, and show-stopping solo rap showcase of the year.


Lil Wayne in. Kant Nobody

J. Cole in. All My Life
Jay-Z in God Did
Kendrick Lamar in. The Heart Part 5

Agust D in Haegeum


Jennie in Pink Venom

Yung Miami in Don’t Play With It

Killer Mike in Scientists and Engineers

j-hope in Arson