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Golden Underground Record Award (2023 Nominees)

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The prestigious Golden Underground Record Award stands as a remarkable accolade within the music industry, bestowed by the esteemed Pop Golden Award organization. This coveted award is dedicated to celebrating the epitome of musical artistry that often remains hidden from the blinding spotlight of popular culture. It seeks to shed light on those exceptional music recordings from the past year that, despite not basking in mainstream limelight, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of countless global enthusiasts.

The essence of this award lies in its recognition of the underappreciated, the audibly exquisite creations that may have evaded the grasp of mass recognition but have struck a resonating chord with dedicated fans worldwide. To earn the distinction of nomination or triumph, a composition must transcend not just sonic boundaries, but also geographical ones, traversing international frontiers to capture the admiration of diverse audiences. The winner is determined by a combination of public fan voting and evaluation from the Pop Golden Awards’ panel of international music experts.

In an age where commercial success often dominates the discourse, the Golden Underground Record Award shines as a beacon of appreciation for the unconventional, the evocative, and the inherently powerful strains of music that might have otherwise remained hidden beneath the surface. Through its recognition of cross-border resonance and its distinctive blend of public sentiment and expert discernment, this award symbolizes a harmonious celebration of music’s truest essence, undeterred by the boundaries of popularity.


Post Malone – Chemical

Rae Sremmurd – Not So Bad

Mae Stephens – If We Ever Broke Up

Justin Bieber X Free Fire – Beautiful Love

SB19 – Bazinga

Uncle Waffles – Yahyuppiyah

ZAYN – Love Like This

Zhang Zhehan – DATURA