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The Golden TV/Drama Actor Award (International)

The Golden TV/Drama Actor Award (International) is a prestigious prize presented annually by the Pop Golden Awards organization to recognize the most popular and acclaimed actor or actress with the greatest worldwide reach across global television industries.

The nominees are selected from among the top performers across high-profile TV or drama series from countries with major entertainment industries like the USA, Korea, Turkey, India, China, Thailand and beyond. The list of nominees highlights standout talents that have built significant international followings through film success and worldwide fan enthusiasm and appreciation of talent.

Winners are chosen based on a combination of fan voting open to the global audience, as well as evaluations by the Pop Golden Awards’ distinguished panel of international judges. By weighing both worldwide fan feedback and expert judge assessments, the award identifies the actors and actresses who have made the biggest cross-cultural impacts on a global scale each year.

The Golden Drama Actor Award (International) honors those performers who have managed to transcend borders and language barriers to gain immense multi-national popularity through their acclaimed acting skills and memorable performances. It celebrates their achievements in connecting with fans and achieving global stardom across diverse international entertainment industries.


Barun Sobti

Jenna Ortega

Engin Akyürek

Kerem Bursin

Barun Sobti

Kang Tae-oh

Xiao Zhan

Park Eun-bin

Sıla Türkoğlu

Dilraba Dilmurat

Jeon Do-yeon

Apo Nattawin